Reflections on the Recent Past 28

It has been some time since publishing my last blog post. Many significant events have transpired in my life over the past few years, which have impacted the frequency of these posts and my artwork. As you may know, for the past several years, I’ve been very involved with the care of my aging mother […]


Jane Lin Poems Just Released with Varanasi Sunrise Cover

A new book of poems, Day of Clean Brightness by Jane Lin, has just been released by 3: A Taos Press with cover art Varanasi Sunrise. Congratulation to Jane Lin, Andrea Watson, publisher, and Lesley Cox, designer, on completing the book. A big thank you to all three for choosing my painting and for publishing […]

Start Painting Full Moon over Mountain Taos

New Painting in the New Year Started!

Here’s a glimpse of the first painting of the new year. It’s so much fun working with a painting knife to apply the oil paint. Enjoy the freedom and challenge in using a blade with a hard edge to create a variety edges and textures because there is less control than with a brush—and letting go is […]