Monthly Archives: July 2007

Intermediate Painting WorkshopProblem Solving Your Paintings Four Day Painting Workshop with Seamus Berkeley Three Scallions, 4″ x 9″, Oil on canvas (click image to visit the blog) This 4-day workshop is designed to take you to a new level in your painting. Expand your means of expression by taking another look at composition including setup, […]

Intermediate Portrait PaintingWorking with the Model A Four Day Portrait Painting Workshop with Seamus Berkeley Portrait of Ashley, 7″ x 5″, Oil on canvas (click image for video) This four-day workshop is designed to enhance your ability to capture the presence of the individual before you on canvas. What is involved in posing the model […]

A Berkeley Daily: Tangents

6″ x 4″, Oil on canvas on board, Inquire. Another painting of a still life arrangement from a recent workshop at my studio in Berkeley. If you are interested in acquiring this painting, send me a note.