Monthly Archives: August 2004

More Painting from Thailand and the Surprise Painting Visitors

When I first arrived at the OK Bungalows, I checked out the area for painting possibilities. Immediately, I saw lots of opportunities for landscapes and seascapes. From inside my bungalow, I also saw some possibilities for working inside which would allow me to work in the event the rainy season started early in Thailand. What […]

Ever Painted Palms?

One of the more outstanding natural features of Thailand is the lush vegetation. The various palm trees are the most prominent example. Seeing the number and variety here was really enjoyable. There seems to be something very quieting about them. Every day I made mental notes about their characteristics and how they differed from the […]

The Painting Continues in Thailand

One of the reasons I paint is that it offers endless possibilities. It is enjoyable for me to consider new ideas for painting – what the next painting might be. And experimenting with these ideas keeps the process alive and new. Traveling is one way that can help foster new ideas. One example of a […]