Monthly Archives: June 2004

Painting in Shiroyama Koen

Shiroyama Koen, within walking distance of Jason’s apartment, offered so many possibilities for painting I decided to visit it several more times. This painting was started early in the morning – before six actually. The sun rises at 4:30 in the morning in Japan and they do not observe daylight savings time here. So, getting […]

First Portrait Painting in Japan – Tatsuya Soutome 1

Tatsuya Soutome was among the greeting party that met me upon my arrival to Sano-shi. Immediately, I was struck by his appearance and thought, ‘A good face to paint.’ As events unfolded, the opportunity soon arrived to do just that. He was the first person to paint on this trip. Tatsuya posed at a school […]

Landscape Day at the Coco Winery

Another landscape painting day became an art class. My guide, Asuka, took me to the Coco Winery in the mountains above Sano-shi. The setting was fabulous for painting. The discussion this day focused on the intent of a painting. Asuka had asked me how to describe the receding appearance of the mountains. It was a […]