Show Opening at Black Mesa Winery

Show is opening soon! Great way to celebrate the beginning of fall with an art show at a local New Mexico winery located right here in Taos. There will be plenty of music, wine and paintings for purchase at a variety of prices, so please join us! Details for the opening: Date: Wednesday, September 13, […]


What’s That Got to Do with Art? 20

In one of the many replies to my last post (thank you everyone!), I received an email from my friend Mallory, who forwarded a link to an article about a cancer survivor, Emily McDowell, who is now designing empathy cards. Emily’s designs are written from her perspective of what she wished people had said to […]

A Conundrum! 10

The last post received more responses than anything written to date. Apparently, those words resonated with many people. It was the most personal writing I’ve ever made public, something I’ve zealously avoided my entire life. Funny how what we may think is so personal is so universal. Anyway, as that post demonstrated the joy of commonality, […]