Colorful oil painting of a sunset at the confluence of the Colorado and Dirty Devil Rivers in Utah, United States.

‘Baffling Silence’ Painting in Time Lapse

Baffling Silence painting in time lapse. One of a number of new paintings for the ‘In This Very Moment‘ show at Magpie Taos. Baffling Silence, oil on canvas, 12″ x 7″ by Seamus Berkeley ‘Canyon Wind (Kayla’s Song)’ music composed and performed by Frederick Aragón

‘2018 Taos Aglow’ Cover for the Taos News

One of the spectacular natural aspects of Taos is the sky: It’s open, vast and often displays memorable cloud formations, especially during the minutes when the world’s spinning begins to cover the sun from our view. It was my pleasure to represent ‘Taos Aglow’ with this painting depicting one of these awe-evoking scenes. This painting is […]